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With September 22, 2022 8:00 am

Smart devices and appliances are everywhere these days, and homeowners are jumping at the chance to install them as part of building their dream homes.

But while some building companies charge extra for these modern features, they are standard in a Singletary home.

Here are some of the smart devices and appliances you’ll find in your new home when you build with Singletary Construction:

A smart switch, center, installed in a Singletary Building home. (Contributed)

Smart switches: Convenient, with personalized lighting scenes and integration with your alarm system for added security.

Smart double oven installed in Singletary Construction home. (Contributed)

Smart Double Oven: Wi-fi enabled, so you can pre-heat from app. And it is compatible with smart apps and Alexa.

Smart thermostat installed in Singletary Building home. (Contributed)

Smart Thermostat: You can save money and increase comfort levels with set-and-forget simplicity.

Install a keyboard deadbolt in a Singletary Construction home. (Contributed)

Keyboard deadbolt: No more keys to worry about with remote access, as well as individual access codes.

A doorbell camera was installed in the Singletary Building home. (Contributed)

Camera door: Always know who’s at your door, keep up with package deliveries, and deter thieves.

Singletary Construction home has alarm system keypads installed. (Contributed)

Alarm System: Keep your home safe with door and window sensors, and a motion sensor.

Tankless gas water heater installed in Singletary Construction home. (Contributed)

Singletary homes also feature tile showers and, in select neighborhoods, tankless gas water heaters that never run out of hot water.

To learn more about the possibilities for your new home, visit the Singletary Construction website, call 931-542-9931 or email

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