Smart devices that will connect to the WVU internet service require prior IT purchase approval E-News | Jobs Reply

Faculty and staff purchasing televisions, light controllers, microscopes and many other types of electronic devices intended to be connected to the WVU network must submit an IT Purchase Request prior to purchase.

Devices connected to WVU’s wired and wireless networks create multiple potential entry points for cybercriminals looking for vulnerabilities to exploit in software, increasing the security risks to University systems and data.

Failure to obtain prior permission may block or prevent your ability to connect these devices, collectively referred to as the Internet of Things, to the WVU network. Some other examples of IoT devices include, but are not limited to: security cameras, point of sale devices, appliances, smart light bulbs and thermostat controllers and digital assistants. An exhaustive list cannot be provided, as technology industry experts estimate that there are thousands and billions of IoT devices in use worldwide.

WVU has many policies and standards in place to ensure the safe use of these devices.

If you require guidance on whether your proposed purchase requires prior IT approval, please email the ITS software licensing team at It is important to obtain IT approval in advance to ensure that the device is compatible with the WVU network, complies with relevant policies and standards, and that a plan to secure the device is developed in collaboration with ITS and your IT team local.

Information Technology Services also encourages WVU employees to protect internet-connected devices in their homes with secure passwords and two-factor authentication. The Federal Trade Commission has detailed recommendations.

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