Song You Need: Brakence’s white knuckled pop supernova “5g”. | Jobs Reply

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Restlessness, fear, and an insatiable curiosity to divide genres were the unifying traits of the young artists who made hyperpop, the ultra-online subgenre largely sublimated into the cultural ether. Brakence, a 20-year-old from Ohio, darted around the edges when he first emerged: his 2018 project hypnagogia reflects an immersion in the beats of Soulection and Kaytranada while punk2 (his major label debut with Columbia) mixed IDM, SoundCloud rap and the wistful falsetto of Justin Vernon. His third album hypochronicOut this month is the strongest indication yet that Brakence isn’t looking to distance himself from his origins, and his evolution as a musician is all the stronger.

Therefore “5g” off hypochronic is so outstanding: it can make you both nostalgic for those heady hyperpop days and excited for what’s to come. A KO punch is landed in the opening seconds, with a cranked brake sounding manic over Midwest emo guitars: “Baby don’t be my crutch when this shit get bloody / Got that radioactive touch, I’m from purgatory.” , she’ve heard the story.” If this song had lungs, they would have atrophied with fear: Aphex twin-meets-drill drums pound while Brakence apocalyptically laments the doomscroll, climate catastrophe and his own interpersonal failings, making each subject a true protagonist -manner is intertwined It’s overloaded and overpowered but never overwhelming, a pop song with the texture of a sea urchin that begs to be recorded again and again.

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