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The redesigned enterprise smartphone offers simple, fast and reliable communication with free choice

San Diego, Calif. – (Newsfile Corp. – December 13, 2022) – Sonim Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ: SONM) today announced that the globally unlocked version of the XP10 5G ultra-rugged smartphone will be available in early 2023. Recently introduced to multiple carriers in North America, the XP10 is the latest addition to Sonim’s ultra-rugged lineup and builds on the solid foundation of its predecessor, the XP8.

Sonim Unlocked Ultra-Rugged XP10 5G Smartphone available worldwide in early 2023

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A pioneer in the design and manufacture of rugged devices since 2007, Sonim is redefining what ultra-rugged means for businesses. The XP10 isn’t your typical rugged phone. Packed with new and improved features, including a lighter, slimmer, ultra-rugged design, longer-lasting removable battery, and more, the XP10 is a mobile toolbox for those working in mission-critical situations who need one-touch communication with 5G performance.

“We are excited to announce that the XP10 will be available to a wider global audience early next year,” said Robert Reeve, vice president, international sales, Sonim. “The globally unlocked version of the XP10 is network agnostic, a perfect option for users who want the flexibility to find a plan and network that best suits their needs, at a reasonable price.”

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Sonim Technologies is a leading US provider of ultra-rugged, rugged, and consumer-resistant mobile devices designed to provide added protection for users who demand more durability in their work and everyday life. We currently sell our robust mobility solutions to several of the largest wireless carriers in the United States – including AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon – as well as to the three largest wireless carriers in Canada – Bell, Rogers and TELUS Mobility. Our rugged phones and accessories are also sold through distributors in North America and Europe. Sonim devices and accessories connect users to voice, data, workflow and lifestyle applications that enhance the user experience while providing an additional level of protection. Visit for more information.

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