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Most automakers would love to be in the position of complaining to so many people purchase their car but no the toyota. The automaker has a peculiar problem on its hands that also spans the industry. as Automotive news Reportedly, the brand is trying to find ways to get customers back into leasing as leasing rates have dropped.

talking auto news Recently at the LA Auto Show, Toyota North America President David Christ expressed his concern about low lease rates: “Toyota’s leasing percentage is around 14 percent right now [of total sales]And it usually will [near] 30 percent, so that’s 15 percent of businesses that are now on a retail contract rather than a lease.”

These numbers are worrying for Toyota because of customer retention. A customer on a three-year lease is usually going to renew that lease on another new car. It’s good for Toyota. As it is a short turnover time frame to get a customer on a new car.

someone finances, however, That car will be there for five years or more, with no guarantee that they will come back for another car from the brand. It’s all about customer retention and brand loyalty. He continued, “That’s a concern, because a customer in a lease cycle typically returns within three years, and that’s an automatic opportunity to re-lease them on a new car or sell them a new car.

The impact of Covid-19 has reduced leasing across the industry The epidemic is still being felt. This is mostly related to inventory. Dealer inventory will take some time to return to pre-pandemic levels. That’s when Toyota says it can work to get customers to lease.

“We have to appeal to them differently or market to them differently, but we think within three or four years of the retail deal we can get them to come back to us,” Christ said.

So why are people not leasing? It may have something to do with that fact Now is not a good time to rent a car. As our own Tom McParland points out the unusual car market right now makes all the usual benefits of leasing negative, such as payments. Think you’re going to get paid less because of incentives or discounts? Good luck as Bad add-on And Dealer markup No rebate will be deducted. So until inventory levels normalize, Toyota and other automakers may lower their lease rates.

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