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When it comes to placing your Amazon Echo speaker in your home, the options are almost endless, from your kitchen counter to your living room shelf. But you may not realize that there are some spots where you should avoid yours smart speakers and smart displaysbecause of both privacy risks and the potential of harming Echo.

For example, did you know that intruders can gain access to your smart home device from the outside if it is located too close to a window?

Read on to find out where you shouldn’t put your Echo devices, and where they should go instead. For more Amazon Echo tips, check out what Alexa settings you should change ASAPthe five useful Echo features you should try today and the the latest Alexa commands.

1. Keep Alexa away from your toilet

Simply putting an echo next to your toilet is gross. Think of all the germs lingering around that area – even in super clean bathrooms. However, if you need to have an echo device in your bathroom (and, okay, we can see the appeal), try to put it as far from the toilet as possible.

If you can, mount it on a wall with an adhesive strip or nail. Make sure it’s secure so it won’t fall, and remember to place it near an outlet so you can plug it in. Also, keep it out of the bathtub (duh!). You wouldn’t want to fry your Echo.

A bathtub and shower in a bathroom with a tiled floor

Don’t even think about putting your Echo near the bathtub!

Chris Monroe/CNET

2. Avoid placing Alexa near a sink

If you want to drown out the sounds of Alexa’s voice, then by all means put your expensive Echo in a sink. However, if you want to keep it safe, don’t put it anywhere near water.

You don’t want to risk your kitchen water sprayer going haywire and soaking your Echo device, or a loud device going into the sink. Instead, place it on another counter, such as a kitchen island, or put it in a corner where it is further from splattering spaghetti sauce and spraying water. It will stay cleaner and may sound better, too.

3. Don’t put Alexa next to your windows

Keep your echo away from all the windows in your house. The setting could give anyone outside access to your Echo, and could give access to your other smart home devices. For example, if your car is connected to your smart speaker, someone might be able to unlock and start it.

An echo dot on a table near a window

If your Echo is near a window, move it.

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

4. Alexa shouldn’t go under your TV

How many ads are out there that say, “Alexa, play…” and activate your Echo? Or if the TV says anything that sounds a lot like “Alexa,” guess what’s going to go into action.

Not only does this affect the show you are watching, but it also starts recording what is said after the command. So if you’re having a private conversation and Alexa kicks in, you are endangering your privacy. It makes more sense to put it on a sideboard and the voice assistant is more likely to be kept silent until you make an order.

So where should do you send your Amazon Echo?

  • In your corner sitting room (away from the windows)
  • Where you can easily see it, so you can see when the light ring flashes
  • On your bedside table
  • On the edge of kitchen counter – far, far away from your sink
  • On a mantle or shelf
  • Mounted on a wall not facing the window

You can read our story on the four best uses for your Amazon Echo device in every room of your home to help you decide where to place your echo.

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