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One thing to keep in mind when buying clothes for your loved ones this holiday season is how the products you buy are made. If you are buying new clothesit is very easy to focus on the price and forget to make sure that you are environmentally responsible.

Fast fashion, a business model in the clothing industry that mass-produces clothes at low prices, may cost you less but will cost the environment more in the long run. Brands like Shein are famous for being used by children in sweatshops and filling landfills with unsold clothes every week. Fast fashion also uses too much water, pollutes the ocean with plastic microfibers and rapidly increases greenhouse gas emissions. That’s why it’s so important to shop responsibly by shopping consistently not just this holiday season, but all year long.

Finding environmentally responsible products can be difficult and expensive. But that’s only if you don’t know where to look. Ever since I started learning about the harmful effects of the fast fashion industry in my sociology classes last year, I’ve been researching and shopping for eco-conscious brands. Sustainable clothing affects the environment as little as possible by using organic materials, not using children or sweatshops and keeping emissions to a minimum. Companies can also apply for climate neutrality certification as proof of their commitment to keeping emissions low. Below are a few brands that are committed to sustainability with all of their products.

Fun World Clothes

Happy Earth is one of my favorite brands. The entire brand is carbon-neutral and dedicated to preventing climate change and preserving the world around us; a portion of every purchase is donated to non-profit organizations working to protect the planet. All clothes are made from organic cotton, reclaimed cocoa and reclaimed fibers. Happy Earth clothing reflects its mission to save the planet. From “Give a Damn” t-shirts to “Be Kind to the World” sweatshirts. Happy Earth clothes are a great gift, not just for all the nature lovers out there, but for mother nature herself.


Most of the goods sold by Quince are made using sustainable materials and produced by manufacturers dedicated to providing a quality workplace. Quince’s minimal packaging and “factory direct” business model help reduce waste and carbon emissions. Men’s and women’s clothing is made in timeless styles with high-quality materials, aiming to reduce the overuse of clothing. If you need classic pieces with a modern twist, all made with saving the planet in mind, Quince is the brand for you.

Wild animals

Not only is Wildfang gender- and size-neutral, but it’s also climate-free. The fashion clothing brand, which supports non-profit organizations fighting for equality, lays out an 18-month plan to settle on its website. The plan includes “replacing packaging with biodegradable/sustainable alternatives, eliminating excess packaging and reducing the energy consumption of equipment.” Now you can shop for all your outdoor gear needs while knowing you’re giving back to a few charities.


Get comfortable while staying down-to-Earth in Hibernate’s comfortable pajama sets. These stylish and sustainable pajamas are made from organic prima cotton and high quality fabric. Pajamas are designed to go over all your other sleepwear, minimizing their natural footprint. If you need a new pair of matching pajamas for your family this year, look no further than Hibernate.

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