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Alone at home It’s a must-see Christmas season movie every year. Viewers love watching Kevin use his wits to take down two thieves who are using his house as their next mark. However, some feel bad for not going on vacation with their family. His parents were a little hysterical because they were making sure everything was fine when he got out of town. In the chaos of it all, Kevin is forgotten. At this point, it’s too late for anyone in his family to turn around and just pick it up.

The holidays are a chaotic time, especially for the McCallister family as they try to make their way to Paris. The commercialization of the holidays adds to the chaos of the season, and anyone can lose their mind. Mr. and Mrs. McCallister are prime examples of this, as well as being overwhelmed with work trying to fit everything in by the end of the year. Add in siblings who don’t get along, and you have the perfect recipe for a holiday season disaster. This leaves the audience wondering what events might contribute to Kevin not taking the Christmas holiday.


Is it a holiday if Kevin is home alone?

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Alone at home It was released in 1990 and follows a young Kevin McCallister (played by Macaulay Culkin) who leaves behind the rest of his family as they move to Paris. Roger Ebert calls John Hughes a great film that brings back all kinds of nostalgia. One piece that comes back in particular is every child’s dream and every parent’s worst nightmare: forgetting a child before a trip. Peter and Kate McCallister (John Heard and Catherine O’Hara) decide to take their family to Paris for a vacation, and not only their immediate family, but also their cousins ​​and aunts and uncles. This is the first obstacle the McCallister family faces as they go on their Christmas vacation. Not only that, the night before they leave the electricity goes off, meaning the alarms they set to wake them up never go off. In order not to miss their flight, everyone rushes from home to the airport to make sure they are dressed and their bags are packed.

Kevin was also banned from the loft the night before because he got into a fight with his brother Buzz. In the confusion and mad rush to get to the airport on time, Kevin’s mother completely forgets about him. Kevin’s parents who resent how Buzz treated Kevin also contribute to their son being home alone during the holidays. If Buzz and not Kevin had been punished, Kevin would never have been forced to sleep in the attic. The Washington Post described it as unfortunate for all the parents who go through the trouble of trying to get back to Kevin (ie, airline workers and being in a foreign country where no English is spoken). Parents overextended themselves and the holiday craziness makes it worse.

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Did they do it again?

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The McCallister family goes on another Christmas vacation in a row Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. This year Kevin is not forgotten at home, but instead gets lost at the airport and gets on the wrong plane. Viewers had hoped that the parents would monitor their son better after last year’s fiasco, but this was not to be Alone at home movie if Kevin went on vacation. Everyone has to come up with an emergency plan again to get back to New York and get Kevin. Fans of the movies find it surprising that Kevin’s parents never reported to DCF or the police after several incidents of neglect of their child.

Not only does Kevin have to deal with forgetting his mom and dad, but he also has to fend off two thieves who claim to be the Wet Bandits (Daniel Stern and Joe Pesci) and who have decided his house is their next target. He will once again meet the thieves who are bent on revenge to bring back all the plans played out in the first film. Kevin is quick enough to bore these two again, but he’s all alone on vacation again.

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Will Kevin get a Christmas break?

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There are a number of unfortunate events that have helped Kevin’s parents forget about him. No one would have known that the power would go out the night before everyone went to bed. During the mad dash to the airport, the parents never planned that their niece Heather would tell the kids wrong. However, there are several things parents could have done beforehand. Kate could have handled Buzz and Kevin’s fight better by punishing Buzz instead of Kevin, or simply by not sending him to the attic. Kate and Peter should have checked both vans before they left the driveway to make sure they were all accounted for. 15 family members were going to Paris, and with that many people, the parents had to be stricter.

Once they found out that Kevin was missing, the parents should have done a better job of following up with the local police. Kate shouldn’t have been so focused on finding a flight back to Chicago on Christmas Eve, but someone local tried to check on Kevin. Kate should also have called someone so Kevin would know she was still around since this was Kevin’s first time home alone. This would ensure that Kevin would open the door for a friend over a stranger. Losing Kevin in the second film is entirely up to the parents. After the events of the first Alone at home, they should be under closer surveillance of Kevin, making the entire second film pointless. We want Kevin to have a great Christmas holiday, but without his family’s oblivion we wouldn’t have these classic Christmas movies.

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