The final round of the Saudi Toyota Desert Rally Championship begins in Jeddah | Jobs Reply

Jeddah — The 4th and final round of the Saudi Toyota Desert Rally Championship, “Jeddah Rally” 2022 has been launched in Jeddah.

The Jeddah Rally started with the participation of 25 cars, 11 motorcycles and 4 teams under the supervision of the Saudi Automobile and Motorcycle Federation in collaboration with the Ministry of Sports.

Saudi Yazid Al-Razi, the racing driver of “Toyota – Overdrive”, recorded the fastest time in the 10 km special stage, while Australian racer Martin managed to record the fastest time in the motorcycle category. Saudi rider Haitham Al-Tuwaizri recorded the fastest time in the quad motorcycle category (Quads).

The actual events of the rally will begin later on Friday with the first special stage, which is 197 kilometers long and spans the desert region around Jeddah, starting in Khulais and ending in Asfan. The course is divided into two parts: the first section is 109 km long “Special Stage 1 – B”, and the other is 88 km long “Special Stage 1 – C”, separated by a neutral section that is not timed. In the neutral zone, there is a point to refuel ordinary bikes and four-wheel quads, in addition to light desert vehicles of the “T3” and “T4” categories. – SPA

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