The Foundation takes East Texas special needs students on a Christmas shopping spree | Jobs Reply

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) – The Mostyn Moreno Foundation is hosting its annual Christmas Lights shopping trip on December 13th and 14th, taking students with special needs to a local thrift store to select and purchase Christmas gifts. This program provides children with real-life, practical experience in budgeting, math, and decision-making processes as they complete each of their tasks.

The program is organized and sponsored annually by the Mostyn Moreno Foundation, established in 2006 by Amber Anderson Mostyn and her late husband Steve, founders of Mostyn Law. The Foundation honors the memory of Steve’s mother, Glenda Jean Mostyn, who devoted herself to teaching students with special needs in East Texas.

Students from Whitehouse and Tyler ISD participated in the program.

“Mostyn Moreno’s Christmas lights show is our way of honoring the important work Steve’s mother does with students with special needs,” said Amber Mostyn. “The organization’s continued support of our friends, family, and clients in East Texas honors Steve’s legacy and the incredible work that local educators do.”

After the shopping spree, students and their families were served lunch at the Family Life Center at West Erwin Church of Christ in Tyler.

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