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BRANFORD, CT – A group of Branford residents called themselves, ‘Turn It Down!’ calling, created a petition that says more than 125 people have signed it asking Stony Creek Brewery to stop issuing permits for “loud music” events. .

Although a resident of the well-known brewery has described noise problems in the venue since 2016, the impetus for the request was a concert by the popular band Disco Biscuits at the brewery on October 3.

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After Patch reached out to police and the brewery about the matter, founder Ed Crowley said Stony Creek Brewery is contacting the “Turn It Down” team to open up a conversation about the incidents at the brewery in hopes of identifying the lodgers. answer their concerns.”

‘Turn It Down’ reached out to Patch last weekend and shared its petition, a recording by a neighbor, a copy of the town’s noise ordinance and other materials in support of the call for venues to stop playing loud music. disturbed neighbors.

Saying that it is a newly formed grassroots group, it will present its request to the Board of Selectors in a special meeting on Wednesday evening at 5:00 p.m.

“The brewery was never meant to be a rock concert venue,” said Pat Dugan, director of Turn It Down! “We have to respect the rights of the people who live here.”

Dugan’s sentiment was echoed by band co-founder John Hartwell.

“We demand enforcement of the existing noise ordinance in Branford,” he said.

Hartwell explained: ‚ÄúThis situation has been getting worse and worse since 2016. The facts are clear. It is enough. Come back! They gathered after an over-the-top rock concert on Monday, October 3rd that drew over a thousand people and resulted in over thirty calls to the Branford Police from angry residents. They complained to the callers that they “have permission” and “talk to the town hall in the morning”. The music continued until 10:00 p.m., disturbing many local homes with young children and adults who had to work in the morning. After the concert, Dugan launched a petition to “deny permits for loud music events at Stony Creek Brewery.”

The group said it reviewed the city’s existing noise ordinance, “investigated the negative impact of noise levels above those permitted” and met with Branford Police Chief Jon Mulhern.

“The chief said the ordinance was difficult to enforce, so he decided to go to the Board of Selectmen. Although most of the signatures on Turn It Down!’s petition came from people who live near the brewery, the group’s volume was loud enough for people as far away as Short Beach and East Main Street. to bring people’s complaints,” the group said in a statement to Patch.

Patch reached out to Branford Deputy Police Chief John Alves, department spokesman, who confirmed that police received about 30 calls the night of the Disco Biscuits concert. He said that the brewery has always complied with the town and noise ordinance. But the matter is being studied.

“This show was held on a weeknight at the end of the year compared to the summer events, which could be the driving force behind the increase in calls,” he said. “The beer hall is licensed by the council to operate as a venue offering live music, being next to a residential area there have been complaints especially during large outdoor shows.”

Brewery founder Crowley explained what inspired him to schedule the concert on Monday night.

“We recognize that the Oct. 3 music performance at the brewery caused stress and hardship for some Branford residents due to various circumstances beyond our control. This event was originally scheduled for early September but had to be rescheduled due to an illness in the family of one of the performers,” Crowley said. . “Due to organizing commitments, the event had to be rescheduled later in the year to a Monday night, which is not normally when we would host an event like this. We also think the weather on the day of the event helped. sound travels more than usual.”

Alves stated that “especially given the high number of complaints regarding the October 3rd show, we have spoken with the City Attorney regarding the legality of the noise ordinance, the permitted exceptions to the ordinance, and the delegated responsibility for legal enforcement of the ordinance. .”

“It’s important to know that in the past we’ve monitored some of the larger outdoor shows from adjacent streets to the brewery and found that the sound was in compliance with the noise ordinance,” he said. Alves added that police are “committed to the health and well-being of our residents” and “working with brewery ownership to facilitate a successful business model that we value in town.”

And Crowley said Stony Creek Brewery is “committed to making a positive impact on the Branford community.”

“We believe live music events are important and valuable to the community and we want to work with our neighbors to ensure these events continue to be successful and supportive in the future,” he said.

Patch reached out to Branford First Selectman James Cosgrove via email for comment, but did not receive a response.

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