The historical journalist has released a book that analyzes the events of January in Kazakhstan | Jobs Reply

ASTANA – Leonid Mlechin, a Russian journalist and best-selling author of modern history, launched his book “Tragic January: President Tokayev and Lessons Learned” on December 20 at the Kazakh embassy about the riots earlier this year. Russia, as reported by Kazinform News Agency.

Leonid Mlechin at the presentation of his book at the Russian Embassy in Kazakhstan. Photo credit:

Mlechin traveled to Almaty and spoke with event participants, police and witnesses to gather material for his book. He visited the streets and buildings where the events took place and examined the documents. The book has revealed some aspects of these events that were previously unknown to the public.

“These events took place in a country that has always been the most stable in the Central Asian region. And suddenly something unimaginable happens. what happened I was very curious. What they told me in Almaty, I was surprised by what people experienced then. The fate of Kazakhstan depended on one person, the president of the country,” said Mlechin.

Cover of the book “Tragic January: President Tokayev and Lessons Learned”. Photo credit:

The book reflects the perspective of a Russian citizen who tries to understand the unrest from the outside. This should help people understand the context of the incidents and find out what happened.

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