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We are delighted to partner with the McKinsey Global Institute for an eventn Globalization and the future of the interconnected worldwho will stay online good February 16, 2023.

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and years of rising tensions between the United States and China, how worried should we be about a deglobalized future? New research from the McKinsey Global Institute shows just how deeply connected (and interdependent) the world is. No region is close to being self-sufficient, all importing at least 25% of a key resource or manufactured good, and often much more. Goods, services, capital, people, data and ideas continue to move synergistically between countries around the world. Although the growth of most of these flows slowed after the global financial crisis of 2008, all of them have continued to grow (except for capital). In particular, data flows—started by the digital age—are exploding, creating numerous business opportunities. At the same time, global value chains will be reshaped by new forces that could accelerate change in critical sectors in the coming decade. This lively and interactive session will examine the state of globalization after the COVID-19 crisis; explore trends and risks—including resources and products that are concentrated in few geographies—and discuss how policymakers and businesses can harness the benefits of interconnection while managing the risks of interdependence.

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