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The Japanese street racing scene has spawned some crazy cars over the years. One that has taken the automotive world by surprise in the recent past is the legendary V12-powered Top Secret. the toyota Supra. So, what is it? A twin-turbo V12 sourced from the Toyota Century powers the Supra and has a top speed of 222 mph. Basically, it’s as ridiculous as a Supra.

Updated December 2022: Master Tuner Kazuhiko “Smoky” Nagata is nothing short of a modern day legend. His iconic run on the A1 made him a viral sensation and marked him in the history books as one of the most important figures in the JDM community. As Smokey continues to pursue his dream of building the fastest car ever, we’ve updated this article with a few new facts and figures about his iconic V12-powered top secret Toyota Supra.

Top Secret founder Kazuhiko “Smoky” Nagata drove the car to 222 mph at Italy’s Nardo test track in 2008 after converting it to V12 power, but that wasn’t his best-known performance behind the wheel. Smokey took the Supra to the UK in 1999 and claimed a top speed of 197 mph on the A1 in the rain, which is very impressive, but noted to be highly illegal. No one was surprised when the police pulled him over and caught him. Smokey Nagata’s imprisonment was at Her Majesty’s pleasure, which translates to “we will imprison you indefinitely.”

Fortunately, Smokey only spent one night in a British cell, a relatively light sentence that, quite frankly, would probably never happen today. The day after his release, Smokey booked the next flight back to Japan, and the sound of his Doubleton run – recorded on high-definition VHS – began making the rounds on the underground racing scene, and thus a legend was born.

The UK top-speed run was when the Supra had the original inline-six engine and standard(ish) bodywork. Smokey and Top Secret transformed it into a V12-powered wide-body monster for the 2007 Tokyo Auto Salon, out of their displeasure with the then stagnant OEM Japanese performance-car market. Keep in mind that the Nissan GT-R was still in development, and Toyota had no plans for a Supra replacement.

The last time they tested this twin-turbo V12, it made 930 hp with a little help from nitrous injection. A six-speed manual transmission moves all that power to the rear wheels.

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Smokey Nagata: The Man Behind the Scenes and His Wild Creations

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Street racers and racing enthusiasts whisper Smokey Nagata’s name with the utmost respect in the world of automotive engineering and street racing. Kazuhiko “Smoky” Nagata, creator of Top Secret Co. and a famous racer, represented what it meant to be a “car guy” in the 1980s, his name widely respected in the underground racing world.

Smokey’s famous escape on the British A1(M) on November 4, 1999, elevated him from mere automotive engineering guru to god of tune. Kazuhiko “Smoky” Nagata worked at GReddy’s core business Trust during the day, but at night, he designed his own car parts and later took on projects for others. When management found out about his informal project, instead of firing him, they allowed him to work more after normal work hours as long as he hid it from his co-workers. Impressively, within just a year, Top Secret opened its doors.

His distinctive Supra became the envy of many in the 1990s and 2000s after several run-ins with the law and a blatant disregard for safety and speed. Crazy swaps that would make purists shudder are common these days, but in the 1990s most tuning businesses made do with what they had. Smokey decided that was not the direction he wanted to go when building Top Secret’s Supra, so he retrofitted a 5.0-liter V12 1GZ-FE engine into the Supra from a Toyota Century.

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An Engineering Masterpiece: The Legendary V-12 Powered Top Secret Toyota Supra

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In 1997, Toyota debuted its first V12 engine, built into an ultra-luxury limousine that was only available in Japan. Smokey took the 276 horsepower engine from a Toyota Century and rebuilt it to replace the Supra’s 3.0-liter inline-six. However, adjustments were necessary because the Supra had 54 hp more than it replaced.

A Toyota Century-sourced 5.0-liter V12 with twin turbos and custom-forged internals powers the car, delivering around 930 horsepower and 745 pound-feet of torque to the wheels. The original intention of the project was for the car to reach a top speed of 249 mph, but this never happened. Once finished, the automobile was shipped to Italy as it was prepared for testing. It performed a top speed lap of the Nardo test track, reaching 222.6 mph before its engine topped out at 7,300 rpm.

Smokey has installed dual HKS GT2835 ball bearing turbochargers capable of delivering tremendous power across the rpm band. However, the tuner felt the Supra’s top-end could be raised further, so he installed a wet nitrous system. Smokey did what any sane person would do at the time: He tuned the car with two HKS F-Con V Pro standalone ECUs and then sent it to the dyno, where it delivered a respectable 930-horsepower and 745 Ib-ft of torque.

The Supra also received custom aero parts, notably Top Secret’s Super G-Force kit. It was mounted on Aragosta’s Harmonic Drive suspension, which connects to a Roberto Cup kit, which allows the car to raise and lower itself three inches on the fly.

Legendary V-12 Powered Top Secret Toyota Supra Ridiculous Auction and Estimated Price

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Although the Supra’s auction listing says it’s a 1994 model, the VIN code indicates the chassis is ’98. This meant that the Smokey was still in its infancy when Toyota replaced the heart of the then $40,000 sports car. The car had an estimated value of $500,000. However, it was sold at auction in January 2018 for around $80,700.

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