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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) — People may not rush through the snow, but they do have to navigate busy parking lots and stores as the holiday season nears its end.

Jan Murdock was looking for last minute gifts on Tuesday. Although it was busy, his experience was positive.

“I did a lot of it on my couch online, but I enjoyed being with people. We’re not wearing masks this year, most of us aren’t. So it was great to be in town,” Murdock said. he explained.

Delia Fowler, owner of Loli & the Bean, says the holiday season is busy for them and this year is no different. But there is a difference between this year and last year.

“I think the offer is better,” Fowler said. “So there is no rush to get gifts because there are many, and the supply chain seems to be working better.”

Fowler noted that shipping rates have increased. Which means they have to incorporate the increase into the price of the merchandise or adjust what they sell entirely.

“Our big vases that we used to carry were three meters long, we don’t carry them anymore because they have to be packed just because of the transport. The transport added a lot to the prices. So we really looked at the shipping and the cost of the goods,” explained Fowler.

Even if stores have to adjust prices, Murdock says it doesn’t affect his holiday budget.

“I think I know the prices of food and everything I haven’t seen much about gifts and stuff. It doesn’t seem that bad of the Christmas gifts I’ve been looking at,” said Murdock.

Keith Bowers, Director of the Office of Economic Stability says we won’t know local spending data for December until a few weeks into January. But he says the November local data for spending this year compared to 2021 is up 2.5%.

“I’m not sure if we’ll match or exceed the expectations of the rest of the country, but I think our community is in a good place to at least improve from last year,” said Bowers.

As holiday shopping slows down, Fowler encourages people to consider spending money at local stores.

“I really believe that all these businesses support our economy,” Fowler said. “And when you go into a store we give back to your community, we support your community, we support taxes in your community, instead of shopping online. Everything is always local.”

The Office of Economic Vitality says its December household spending report should be available two weeks after the end of the month. It will be available at

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