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CASPER, Wyo. – In the near future, there will be a new locally owned venue for weddings, banquets, concerts and all kinds of other events as Casper residents Barb and JW Jones hope to give back to their community with The Five Deuces. .

The idea to create the hall came from a personal tragedy, JW Jones said. In February, a fire destroyed a workshop owned by the couple, along with several old and rare cars. Although the loss was tough for the family, the outpouring of support from neighbors and other community members overwhelmed them.

“He really meant the world to us,” Barb said. “Many people from the community stopped by and offered to help in any way they could. … After our community gave us so much. Now, we want to turn them around and give them something they can use.”

“You sit there and figure out what you want to do with things, and you realize you need to do something else or something more,” JW added.

The tragedy happened on February 22nd – the date service for all of them – and therefore they named the place “The Five Deuces”.

After settling on the idea of ​​building and operating an event space for the local community, the Jones family wasted no time and began the planning process. Working with engineer Joe Yelton, the couple eventually came up with a design that suited their needs and was aesthetically pleasing.

After that, they arrived in Natrona County and worked with County Building Official Justin Smith, County Planner Kristie Turner and others to make sure everything was legal.

Now, all that remains is to build the premises, which will be a classic barn design. The venue will be located on the couple’s property on Calle Zero.

“The roof structure is raised, so the center of the roof will rise higher,” JW said. “Overall exterior size is 84 x 96…should hold about 250 people no problem.”

Eventually, the facility will add a kitchen for food preparation, though Barb said it likely won’t be installed until the rest of the venue is up and running. Once up and running, Jones said they plan to compile and curate a list of approved vendors, though initially people can bring their own vendors.

All in all, it aims for a stylish family interior design.

“We’re really happy with the design we came up with,” Barb said.

With the design completed and the Natrona County permit received, all that remains is to build the premises. Barb said they are still looking for builders to put up the structure, and then they will handle the rest of the construction themselves.

JW added that although it is difficult to give a specific time frame due to the uncertainty of the weather, he does not expect construction to take very long.

Already, the family has received interest from the community, and several people have come forward and said they want to host an event when the venue opens. In particular, Barb said the family has heard from several people interested in hosting graduation parties at The Five Deuces.

“We’re excited about this,” JW said. “This is our way of giving back to the people who have given us so much.”

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