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This is the era of digital content consumption, and in an effort to create something unique and eye-catching, some people do crazy and stupid things that are nothing but harmful and dangerous. Here’s a video ‘testing’ the build quality of a Toyota Fortuner in an attempt to garner ‘likes’ and attention. However, the method he used to test the Fortuner’s build quality isn’t something we’d recommend.

A YouTube video by Prateek Singh shows a man trying to test the build quality by kicking the back door of a Toyota Fortuner. In the video, we can see the man approaching a white Toyota Fortuner, believed to be his. As the man approached the Fortuner, he kicked the SUV’s right rear door, to ‘test’ the build quality of the door panels. As a result, the Fortuner’s door panel received a huge dent from the kick.

However, even after that, the man didn’t stop and went further to test the build quality by hammering the same back door that was affected by the dent. The man started hammering at various points on the door panel, causing deep scratches all over it. The video claims that the guy did all this to find out how strong the build quality of the Toyota Fortuner’s door panels is.

It’s not wrong to be concerned about the build quality of a car, but what is wrong is this method of checking build quality by kicking or hammering the door panels. This is nothing more than a foolish, self-defeating move, which has only added to the SUV’s overall unnecessary repair costs.

Fortuner received a five star rating

Owner testing hammered and kicked the Toyota Fortuner to build its quality [Video]

The Toyota Fortuner facelift’s crash test result is 87.46 points, giving it a five-star rating. It should be noted that ASEAN NCAP did not crash-test a Fortuner. Instead, a Hilux was used for crash testing and the Fortuner’s capabilities are an extension of the same. ASEAN NCAP claims that the Fortuner has occupant protection comparable to the tested pickups. They also said that the technical evidence provided by Toyota proved the same.

Ever since the pre-facelift Tata Nexon received a commendable 5-star rating in the Global NCAP crash test, safety has become one of the most sought-after parameters when deciding to buy a new car. People these days are concerned about the level of safety and build quality before buying a car, which has only become more prominent after various locally made cars started scoring five-star ratings in the global NCAP crash tests.

One of the most premium cars sold from Toyota in India, the Fortuner is considered a sturdy SUV with a solid build and reliable mechanics. However, the Fortuner is yet to be tested by Global NCAP for safety ratings.

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