The shopping season on the Central Coast is in full swing and so far it’s not a ‘busy’ mood | Jobs Reply

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. – The days of shoppers waking up before dawn to stand in line and smash their way to deals may be over on the Central Coast and elsewhere.

This season no such behavior has been reported. The pace has been keeping up with the timeline of awareness and unconventionality when it comes to shopping habits.

A nationwide survey shows that most consumers plan to spend what they did last year, and nearly a quarter will spend less.

Inflation has become a concern around the world as the cost of food, housing, gas and essentials rise, adding to the strain on monthly budgets.

This coming week will be the last full week before Christmas.

Purchasing practices will be tested, whether it is in person to ensure that the item is in hand, or with a guaranteed delivery date.

Many areas are planning festival locations including Paseo Nuevo Mall, Camino Real Marketplace and Camarillo Outlet Center.

Live music and visits from Santa are all part of the experience, but they don’t guarantee a jump in sales.

Shoppers told Newschannel 3-12, discounts of more than 40% will get them to go into the store or look closer to the rack, but anything less than that won’t be much of a draw.

(More details, video and photos will be added here later today.)

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