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Tokyo is a shopper’s paradise. It has the best stores for the world’s most popular brands, inspiring food and lifestyle stores and even an entire area dedicated to kitchen goods. And not to mention, the local shopping streets known as shotengai.

There are more than 2,400 of these shopping streets in Tokyo, all filled with independent shops selling a wide range of clothing, electronics, groceries and more than you can imagine. There are even great restaurants to keep you fueled up on your shopping spree, and sometimes, traditional festivals to enjoy.

But which is the best shotengai? Real estate company Lifull Home’s conducted a survey of around 500 Tokyoites to find out which shotengai they liked the most. These were the top ten shopping streets. Good to know if you plan to do a little therapy.

Mayor of Yokocho
Photo: Ryugi/PixtaMayor of Yokocho

Ameya Yokocho, often shortened to just Ameyoko, is one of the busiest places in Ueno. You’ll find around 500 shops lining the narrow streets of this shotengai that spreads out under the train tracks between Ueno and Okachimachi stations. This area is also home to the covered Ueno Central Mall, a treasure trove of clothes and souvenirs. On the other hand, open markets are ideal for fresh produce, especially fish.

Yokocho Harmonica
Photo: Time Out TokyoHarmonika Yokocho off Sun Road, Kichijoji

2. Kichijoji Sun Road

Extending from the north exit of Kichijoji Station is this 300-meter-long shotengai. Kichijoji Sun Road has a great collection of retro shops and designer shops to explore, as well as plenty of coffee shops and restaurants to pop into. Just off Sun Road is the atmospheric Harmonica Yokocho, where you’ll find a maze of alleyways filled with excellent bars and restaurants.

Photo: f11photo/ShutterstockSensoji Temple and Asakusa Nakamise Shotengai

3. Asakusa Nakamise Shotengai

Between the iconic Kaminarimon Gate and the beautiful Sensoji Temple lies this famous old shotengai. Asakusa Nakamise dates back to the 17th century, making it one of Tokyo’s oldest shopping streets. Along the narrow street are small shops and stalls selling souvenirs and snacks such as kaminari-okoshi (fried rice cakes) and ningyoyaki (buns filled with red beans). It can get very crowded on this street, but few places in Tokyo can compete with the traditional vibe of Asakusa Nakamise.

look at the wide way
Photo: Time Out TokyoNakano Broadway

Just a five-minute walk from the north exit of Nakano Station is Nakano Broadway, a shotengai that attracts Tokyo’s otaku (geek) community. This covered shopping mall includes a five-story mall filled with everything from classic manga to anime DVDs and collectible figures. The joy of Nakano Broadway comes from wandering through the many shops and finding that item you never knew you needed.

5. Musashi Koyama Palm

If you want to entertain your friends with Tokyo trivia, you can tell them that Musashi Koyama Palm is Japan’s longest covered shopping mall. How long, you ask? Why, it’s an 800 meter long street filled with 250 shops. Don’t be put off by the large number of chain stores, because there are some great independent ones dotted around. You won’t go hungry here, either, with food options ranging from yakitori to parfaits.

6. Aoyama Kila-dori

Just a two-minute walk from Gaienmae Station in stylish Aoyama is this tree-lined shopping street of independent shops and cozy restaurants. This is also a place of culture, with street art all over the place and the annual Kila Festival starting in November with live music.

Togoshi Ginza
Photo: Time Out TokyoTogoshi Ginza

6. Togoshi Ginza Shotengai

In sixth place with Aoyama Kila-dori is Togoshi Ginza, Tokyo’s longest open-air shotengai at 1.3km. There are about 400 shops to explore around this shotengai, famous for its street food. You can indulge in yakitori, yakisoba, croquettes and dango at the many shops that call this street home. And if you’re tired from all the shopping and eating, stop by Togoshi Ginza Onsen for some cool relaxation.

Sunshine 60-dori shotengai shopping street Ikebukuro
Photo: Tktktk/DreamstimeSunshine 60-dori

8. Sunshine 60-dori Shotengai

You can find this shopping street on the way between Ikebukuro Station and the Sunshine City entertainment complex. It’s great for reasonably priced clothes, but it was also recommended in the survey as a place where you can find almost anything. Sunshine 60-dori is a great game and a must-check on your way to Sunshine City.

Photo: Akulamatiau/DreamstimeShimokitazawa Ichiban Gai

8. Shimokitazawa Shotengai

Tied for 8th place with Sunshine 60-dori Shimokitazawa Shotengai in the coolest part of Tokyo. This shotengai includes the streets off the south exit of Shimokitazawa Station and Ichiban Gai, both lined with independent shops, trendy cafes and bars. Survey respondents also highlighted local festivals, especially the Awa Odori dance soiree in August and ealy-February’s Setsubun, held to ward off evil before the start of spring.

10. Asagawa Pearl Center

A 700-meter-long shotengai at the south exit of Asagaya Station, this shopping street has been praised in research for the many things available here. But it’s also famous for the annual Asagaya Tanabata Matsuri in August, when the streets are decorated with bamboo displays and colorful papier-mache decorations for the traditional star festival.

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