The Toyota Hilux EV concept has been revealed in Thailand | Jobs Reply

Forget the birthday cake, Toyota is celebrating 60 years in Thailand with a concept car that hints at an electric future for the Hilux.

The HiLux Revo BEV concept was revealed by Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda alongside the smaller IMV 0 concept.

CarExpert has reached out to Toyota Australia for details on the HiLux EV and whether it’s on the company’s radar.

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The only image currently available is the HiLux EV concept Credits: Care Expert

Details about the electric Hilux are scarce. We don’t know the size of its battery pack and what range Toyota is aiming for, leaving key details for UT owners like payload and towing capacity.

The car showcased on stage was apparently based on the existing internal-combustion Hilux, though it featured a closed-off grille and a prominent charge port on the front three-quarter panel.

According to Mr. Toyoda, it is “designed to support carbon neutrality and a better environment for all”.

Akio Toyoda on Thailand’s ute concept Credits: Care Expert

The modular IMV 0 truck shown alongside the Hilux is “more than a year away”, according to Mr Toyoda, but he did not comment on when an electric version of Australia’s best-selling vehicle might enter production.

As the electric ute segment heats up in Australia, BYD has today confirmed it will launch a competitor to the LDV eT60 in 2024 and a competitor to the upcoming JAC T9 EV and (potentially) Geely Radar RD6.

Ford has hinted a Ranger-sized electric Camel is on the horizon, and Volkswagen Australia said this week it understands an electric Amarok is in the works.

An electric Hilux would give Toyota an entrant into the growing EV UT space, which includes global entrants from Ford, Rivian, Chevrolet, GMC, Geely, BYD and (soon, hopefully) Tesla.

Hydrogen Hylux Credits: Care Expert
has been supplied Credits: Care Expert

Toyota hasn’t committed to an EV ute, but it’s currently experimenting with alternative fuel sources in Hiluxes around the world; It recently revealed that it is developing a hydrogen Hilux with several partners

While it has developed 16 electric vehicle concepts with the intention of production, including a pickup truck, in December 2021, it’s unclear exactly when we’ll see a mass-produced electric ute from the Big T.

Reports in October 2022 suggested it was planning a drastic overhaul of electrification plans – which included building 3.5 million EVs per year by 2030 – which had been rolled out in 2021.

While the automaker considers its options, it has reportedly put several EV projects announced at the end of 2021 on hold.

2021 Toyota EV ute concept Credits: Care Expert

The brand’s first mass-produced electric vehicle is the bZ4X SUV, which will hit Australia in 2023 after recall- and demand-related delays.

More EVs have since been announced, though not all are global cars – for example, the bZ3 will be China-only.

While we’re waiting to hear when a factory-backed option might launch, you’ll be able to get an electric Toyota HiLux in Australia in 2022.

Rove announced details of its EV fleet program earlier this year, which allows customers to convert their post-2016 Toyota Hilux or Ford Ranger workhorses to electric power.

There are two recommended configurations: a 64kWh standard pack offering up to 240km of range and a 96kWh extended pack offering up to 360km.

The conversions will feature vehicle-to-load (V2L) with 240V power points, powering equipment, an 11kW onboard AC charger and a maximum CCS DC charging speed of 80kW.

has been supplied Credits: Care Expert

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