The Toyota Sera is a long-forgotten Toyota model you’ve probably never heard of | Jobs Reply

At the height of Japan’s automotive boom in the late 1980s, Toyota saw the future of commuting in style. Kei cars of the era were popular, but their oddball shapes seemed a bit conservative, as were their small 660-cc engines. To improve its small, quirky, fuel-efficient offerings, Toyota took its butterfly door-built AXV-II prototype into production and made the best.

What did the Toyota Sera design?

Using parts from Toyota’s Paseo, Tercel, and Starlet—a car the U.S. market had never seen—the Serra was born in 1990. The ultra-sleek, unibody, glass-canopied, twin-cam, two-door model was branded not as a sports car but as a lifestyle car—a quirky futuristic commuter. Toyota said in a press release that Sera is the future tense of the French word “etre” (to be). The company explained that it’s “a dream car to signal the future that leads us.” Still, there was more to Serra than hyperbole.

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