The weather doesn’t stop last-minute Christmas shopping | Jobs Reply

ARDMORE, Pennsylvania (WPVI) — The countdown is on. With Christmas just around the corner, many are in that rush to cross things off their list.

“It’s a little stressful especially being a college student because I wasn’t really shopping during finals because I was studying,” said Maggie Kim of Bryn Mawr. “So now it’s trying to put everything together.”

There is only one hiccup: rain and more.

“It’s disgusting, it’s like rain and it’s bad and tomorrow it’s going to be like 17 high, so we need to get the last bags of stuff today because tomorrow is going to be really bad,” said Duncan Busser of Wynnewood.

“We only have a few days left and we have to get your Christmas presents,” said Tiffany Denson of Springfield.

There is currently a storm that has hit our area, leaving shoppers to contend with heavy rain, strong winds and dangerously cold weather over the next 24 hours. But that looming Christmas deadline forces them to be brave.

“It’s a little stressful,” said Leigh Mahoney of West Chester. “Driving here was stressful because we are 30 minutes away, so yes. The weather was not ideal for driving.”

“It’s busy, the parking lot is pretty full and people are going crazy I guess,” said Jake Malarkey of Wallingford.

And come Saturday, some hope that impatience and stress levels will return to normal.

“In the parking lots, there was a lady yelling at me to back off, but there was a car behind me and I couldn’t,” said Kim. “So, I think people are really stressed.”

This major storm may delay those Christmas gifts that are already on their way to their destinations. On Thursday, FedEx and UPS announced possible delivery delays due to inclement weather across the country.

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