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Gone are the days when keeping holiday gifts a surprise only required a secret hiding place in your home – now you have to cover your digital tracks from nosy family members trying to get information about what Santa is bringing.

Cyber ​​Monday sales reached a record $11.3 billion, a 5.8% increase from last year, according to Adobe Analytics. Over Thanksgiving weekend, the number of online shoppers grew 2% from 2021, according to the National Retail Federation.

That means your web searches and browser history could give you a Christmas surprise if your snoopy relatives hack your laptop or shared Amazon Prime account. Here’s how to keep a ‘secret’ from Santa this year.

Shop with a gift card

A gift card can save you a fortune by keeping purchases on your bank statement. It’s also a great way to help you stick to your budget, since you can’t spend more than you put on a gift card, says Athena Valentine Lent, author of the upcoming book Budgeting For Dummies.

Savvy shoppers can save money by using gift cards.

“Sometimes you can buy discounted gift cards from sites like Gift Card Grandma,” says shopping expert Trae Bodge. “Target often has promotions where, if you buy a certain amount in a category, you get a free gift card.”

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Go incognito

Search and buy in “private” or “incognito” mode in your browser to close your history and avoid leaving a trace of your activity online. You can also clear your browser history after you search for gift ideas, but make sure you don’t forget to do so, says Bodge.

The “incognito” option also helps protect your credit card information, says Valentine Lent.

Buying incognito is “a good idea because it also doesn’t store your credit card information,” says Valentine Lent. “That way you’re less likely to have your credit card stolen.”

Send the order elsewhere

If delivering the package to your door might spoil the surprise, you can always send it to another location like your office (if you’re allowed). Some stores allow you to ship elsewhere such as select UPS and FedEx locations, Bodge said.

Be aware of gifts that come in plain packaging such as televisions. Retailers like Amazon will notify you if an item comes without outer packaging, Bodge said.

Amazon Prime members can send items in a locker to avoid arousing suspicion when the package is delivered, Valentine Lent said. Amazon Lockers is your delivery location for picking up and returning orders.

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How do I hide my Christmas orders on Amazon?

If your family shares an Amazon Prime account, keeping gift purchases a secret can be tricky. But there are steps you can take to keep your order under control.

The e-commerce giant’s Amazon Household feature allows users to share premium benefits with family members while maintaining separate accounts.

“This is a great way to prevent people from seeing what you’ve bought,” said Bodge, noting that there are limits to the number of profiles that can be created under the same Prime account.

If you choose not to set up Amazon Household, Bodge said, you can always save your orders to hide gifts from your purchase history.

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