Toyota and Lexus remain the most reliable car brands, the 2022 Consumer Reports survey shows | Jobs Reply

Consumer Reports recently released its 2022 vehicle reliability rankings. Surprisingly, two Japanese automakers came out on top: Toyota and Lexus. But how does CR determine its vehicle reliability rankings and how do the top brands snag their spots? Read on to find out.

A look at Consumer Reports’ 2022 vehicle reliability rankings

Toyota and Lexus are still the most reliable
Toyota (top) and Lexus logos Artur Widak/NoorPhoto via Getty Images

Consumer Reports calculates a vehicle’s reliability rating based on feedback from owners. It gets the information it uses to calculate its score by asking its members to provide data on any vehicle problems they’ve experienced in the previous 12 months. CR analysts use the data to address 17 problem areas, including transmissions, in-car electronics and engines.

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