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YouTube channel TheSmokingTire has high praise for the new JDM car when they label the new Toyota GR Corolla as the best new Toyota in 20 years.

its release the toyota The 2021 GR Yaris has generated considerable excitement among driving enthusiasts, with its turbocharged 3-cylinder engine and clever design features that blend seamlessly to create a true hot hatch Cars Now they’re back with the long-awaited release of the Corolla GR developed by Toyota’s Gazoo Racing team and adding to their growing line of performance cars.

Matt Farah and Jack Klapman of TheSmokingTire YouTube channel took the GR Corolla Circuit model for a spin and called it the best Toyota in 20 years. Let’s see why.

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Clever engineering in the Toyota GR Corolla

The guys at TheSmokingTire tested the circuit in one of three available models of the GR Corolla. It is a step up from the base model but hosts less power and torque than the limited edition Morijo model. Farah demonstrated with a rev of the turbocharged 1.6-liter 3-cylinder engine just how unmistakable it sounds from a 4-cylinder engine.

This is thanks in part to some clever Toyota engineering in the form of balance shafts and fluid-filled engine mounts to reduce vibration. Klapman also explained how the 300 hp and 273 pound-feet of torque make it the same power as 4-cylinder engines like the Elantra and Golf R.

Both hosts are fans of the selectable torque splitter for adjusting the front and rear torsion diffs, as well as the car’s excellent precision and handling. Farah explains how the power-to-weight-to-size ratio plays a huge role in this, with the car weighing just 3,285 pounds. Klapman agrees that the car feels incredibly light compared to the Subaru STI, but it doesn’t feel like a small car. They agree that the interior is well thought out with comfortable seats and button placement, the only issue being the lack of armrests.

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The best version of the Toyota GR Corolla

The new Toyota GR Corolla being tested for smoked tires in a California canyon
Source: YouTube @ TheSmokingTire

Farah and Klapman agree that the Circuit is the best model of the GR Corolla. Although the Morrison has extra torque, it lacks much of the desired extra compared to the circuit. The Morijo is a much stiffer ride that suits the track well, while the Circuit is a versatile sports model. Both hosts agree that the GR Corolla is a better and more dynamic ride than the Civic Type R.

Farah and Klapman speculated that the GR Corolla’s value would increase significantly as more people drove it, and it’s not hard to see why. Toyota continues to prove why they are the leader in sports car manufacturing.

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