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After dragging its feet in the EV game, Toyota is now playing catch-up. Its first mass-market EV, the bZ4X, was released earlier this year, and the brand has since showcased multiple concept cars. At the Los Angeles Auto Show in November, the automaker unveiled its latest concept: the bZ compact SUV. We didn’t have much information to go on at the time, but Toyota has revealed some new details to coincide with the concept’s European launch.

Toyota gave us exterior dimensions for the concept, which are 178.6 inches long, 74.3 inches wide and 61.4 inches tall. The concept rides on 21-inch wheels, though it’s important to note that Toyota may change the size and design of the wheels for a final production model. Electric vehicles rely on the tire-wheel combo as an important part of delivering the promised range, so we could see smaller wheels or larger variants offered as options.

These exterior dimensions make the BZ Concept smaller in every way than a RAV4 and bigger than the funky C-HR, which made a revelation at the European event with a bold new model. It’s unclear when Toyota will bring the car to market in the U.S., and the automaker has been tight-lipped on release details.

Meanwhile, the bZ4X has cleared its first significant recall, and despite being very expensive, it offers good range and technology. The car introduces Toyota’s Beyond Zero philosophy, which spans a range of zero-emission powertrain designs, including hydrogen fuel cells. The automaker’s CEO has mentioned on multiple occasions that the brand will explore all kinds of alternative fuels, so it’s possible that one of the other concepts we’ve seen could end up for sale in California with a hydrogen fuel port on one side.

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