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India has the highest number of accidents every year. While most of these accidents go unreported, some go viral. Here is one such accident between the popular Tata Harrier and Toyota Fortuner. The accident happened due to a dog crossing the road and the results are quite interesting.

The accident took place in Gangavati in Karnataka. Both Tata Harrier and Toyota Fortunera were on the highway when a dog suddenly crossed the road. The driver of the Tata Harrier hit the brakes to save the dog. While the car stopped in time and the driver managed to save the dog, the driver of the Toyota Fortuner failed to stop in time and crashed into the Tata Harrier.

The Fortuner collided head-on with the Harrier. Eyewitnesses said that both the vehicles were speeding but the exact speed was not known. The impact of the crash on the Toyota Fortuner is quite extensive, as we can see from the picture. The front end of the Toyota Fortuner was heavily damaged reaching the car’s radiator. Even the bonnet of the Toyota Fortuner was completely crushed while the bumper and bulbar were dented. It looks like a plastic bulb.

Tata Harrier has damaged tailgate and bumper in the picture The tail lamp is also damaged. Even the Tata Harrier’s spare tire fell on the road. For those who don’t know, the spare wheel of Tata Harrier is mounted under the car body. A high-speed impact can cause the clamp to break and the wheel to fall off.

Crumple zone at work

Crumple zones are designed by manufacturers and are usually proprietary information. Crumple zones are designed to absorb energy from crashes. This is why some cars break apart very quickly after a collision while other vehicles may not be so crumpled.

The idea is to ensure that kinetic energy is absorbed by these crumple zones. It keeps the vehicle occupants safe. Also, crumple zones are designed so that the car’s pillars are not damaged. Pillars are very important in a car and show the strength of the car after an accident. If the pillar breaks after an accident, the door will not be able to open. Residents will be harmed if the roof also collapses.

The Tata Harrier is yet to be tested

Toyota Fortuner crashes behind Tata Harrier: Here are the results [Video]

Although many of Tata Motors’ new products are tested by G-NCAP, Tata has never sent the Harrier to get a safety rating. Tata, however, remains tight-lipped on the same. However, according to experts, a part of the Tata Harrier multijet engine could enter the cabin of the RHD vehicle and injure the driver. That’s why Tata is yet to send the car for crash safety testing.

However, numerous accidents in the past involving the Tata Harrier show how great the SUV’s build quality is. In most accidents, the passengers escape the accident.

In future, crash safety tests will become mandatory as proposed by the government. If the proposal becomes law, all manufacturers will have to submit new cars for crash testing to get a safety star rating.

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