Toyota is focusing on delivering outstanding orders in 2023 | Jobs Reply

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the global supply chain over the past few years has seen the automotive landscape change with limited supply and very strong demand.

As the tough economic climate impacts demand and production ramps up around the world as supply chain issues begin to resolve, 2023 looks more promising for car supplies.

Australian new car sales rose 17.9 percent in November to 95,080 vehicles, according to VFACTS data, marking the fifth straight month of growth as supply levels improved.

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The November result showed year-to-date deliveries to 993,509, up 2.3 percent on the same point in 2021.

Toyota’s year-to-date growth remained steady at around 3.6 percent, with 214,776 vehicles delivered from January to the end of November.

“Despite widespread reporting of stock shortages, Toyota Australia has delivered more cars to customers this year than in 2021,” said Toyota Australia vice president of sales, marketing and franchise operations Sean Hanley at the recent GR Corolla launch in Melbourne.

It’s fair to say that Toyota would have delivered significantly more cars in the past two years had it not been for supply constraints.

“We have received a substantial number of customer orders, which we are working on with earnestness. One of our most important goals in 2023 is to deliver as many outstanding orders as possible to our loyal customers.”

has been supplied Credits: Care Expert

Unwilling to be drawn to manufacturing capacity and improvements, Mr. Hanley says it’s a constant moving target.

“We cannot predict the future state of the supply chain and manufacturing as this is a constantly evolving situation,” he said.

“We are very grateful for our customers’ understanding and patience as we continue to operate in a volatile supply environment, and assure them that we are doing everything possible to deliver their new Toyotas quickly.”

Three of the five best-selling vehicles in the country in November were Toyotas, with the Hilux managing 5,440 sales, followed by the Corolla in third with 3,732 sales and the RAV4 in fifth with 2,282 sales.

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