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The company aims to enable its journey to zero emissions in a world with significantly different customer needs and market conditions by offering customers the opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint. Thanks to Toyota’s multi-technology strategy, including battery electric, fuel cell electric, plug-in hybrid electric, and hybrid electric vehicles.

Hydrogen combustion Corolla Cross H2 concept

Technological advances helped Toyota engineers design the Corolla Cross H2 Concept, a prototype road vehicle, the company announced in a press release.

Toyota is getting ready to test its hydrogen combustion engine on the road

2022 Corolla Cross H2 Concept

Toyota has developed a Corolla Cross H2 hydrogen prototype that fits the GR Corolla’s 1.6l 3-cylinder turbo engine with high-pressure hydrogen direct injection engine technology from motorsport activities and adds hydrogen tank packaging know-how to carry five passengers and their luggage. How from Mirai.

In addition to continued digital development, real-world evaluations are currently underway for the vehicle and winter testing will soon begin in northern Japan.

The flexibility to use current internal combustion engine technology, faster refueling times, and the pronounced reduction in demand and use of materials with limited supply such as lithium and nickel are some of the main advantages of hydrogen combustion. Hydrogen combustion can lead to widespread, cost-effective carbon-reduction solutions more quickly by modifying existing technologies and maximizing current investments.

Toyota is currently about 40 percent of the way to commercialization of products like the Corolla Cross H2 concept. While it is not possible to predict whether the technology will be ready for use in street cars, there is undoubtedly a great opportunity in motorsport.

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