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For Tuesdays with Toyota, we’re spotlighting some of USATF’s most dedicated members with a short feature on USATF.org and our social media channels.

Here’s our feature with USATF athlete Sarah Barber, a member of the USATF Snake River Association in Boise, Idaho.

Tell us about your journey with USATF and how it has impacted you:

“I got into endurance sports later in life. I spent my teenage and college years riding horses – not running. I started running back in college as a way to stay fit and healthy, but I never saw myself as a competitive athlete. Eventually, I found my local club, Boise Betties, and learned that track workouts can be fun when done with friends—even if it’s in the cold darkness of 5:30 a.m. Once I became a USATF member, I decided to check it out. ‘Fast as a master’ was true for me – and it is sometimes. I tested myself in several national championship events including club cross country, masters cross country, and masters track. Trail racing really captures my heart, so I’m thrilled that USATF has recognized several national championships there as well. I became the second master woman at the USATF Trail Marathon National Championships (2020) and the first master woman at the USATF Mountain Running National Championship. I like both events. I think the biggest impact I got from the USATF was the Sports Masters [are] a real thing. Just because I wasn’t a high school running phenom or collegiate competitor, doesn’t stop me from being a fast adult runner. Instead of feeling like I missed opportunities in my youth, I can now experience that style of racing.”

What are you most grateful for in your USATF community?

“I am most grateful for the many different national championship events that allow masters to compete against other similarly aged and accomplished athletes. I love watching 70-year-olds race on the track, because it really inspires me even as the years go on. The range of events from track and field to trail races means there really is something for everyone. Plus, those of us who compete in Masters events have life experiences and perspectives that allow us to have more fun. We all know the stakes aren’t that high and we’re running more for fun than anything else. This creates a nice friendly atmosphere at USATF events.

Are there any words, phrases or thoughts that help you focus during training?

“‘You get to do it!’ I always remind myself of this when it’s dark and/or cold, and I’m out there running – especially if it’s a hard workout. I have a choice about how hard to work out. I also have a choice about whether I run at all. – and I choose it. Having the health and ability to be a runner is a privilege. I truly value that gift!”

Anything else you want the @USATF community to know about you?

“My full-time job as a life flight paramedic involves flying around in helicopters, caring for the sick and injured. This line of work also reminds me to be grateful for being a healthy runner. Not only is running/training a fantastic stress-reducer, it’s also a way for me to stay fit and able to work. Also, my favorite running partner is my Weimaraner. I’m lucky that she’s always set an example of wanting to go out and have fun.”

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