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Samsung Galaxy S22+ 5G costs Rs 101999 can be yours for only Rs. 37499. All you have to do is claim the discount and exchange offer on Flipkart today. Check the details here.

You can get a premium smartphone worth Rs. 1 lakh for less than Rs. 40000. Don’t be surprised! The offer is available on the Samsung Galaxy S22+ 5G on Flipkart. The e-commerce site offers amazing deals for the device, including discounts, exchanges, bank offers, and freebies. You can buy Galaxy S22+ 5G smartphone priced at Rs. 101999 for just Rs. 37499, all you have to do is get the phone before it sells out or the offer ends. Here are the price cut details for the Samsung Galaxy S22+ 5G on Flipkart.

Samsung Galaxy S22+ 5G price drops to Rs. 37499: How to

The 8GB RAM and 128GB storage variant of the Samsung Galaxy S22+ 5G, valued at Rs. 101999, is available on Flipkart at a whopping 41 percent discount. After the discount, the price of the handset has dropped to Rs. 59999. But wait, if you have an old smartphone in good condition to exchange, you can further reduce the price of the phone.

All you have to do is to choose the buy with exchange option during checkout. You can further save up to Rs with the help of the exchange offer. 22500 on the Samsung Galaxy S22+ 5G. After the discount and exchange offer, the price of the device may drop to Rs. 37499.

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Meanwhile, the banking offers provided on the device include an additional Rs. 5000 rebate on credit and debit card transactions; 5 percent cashback on Flipkart Axis bank card and more. Flipkart also offers freebies. Details of this can be checked by visiting the website or mobile application of the e-commerce platform.

Samsung Galaxy S22+ 5G: How to take advantage of the offer

You can either go to the Flipkart official website or mobile application to place an order for the Samsung Galaxy S22+ 5G. Select the color and size variant of the phone and click the “Buy with Exchange” tab if you wish to purchase it through the exchange offer. You can then proceed with the payment.

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