Updated ticket sales numbers for upcoming WWE events – Several shows close to selling out | Jobs Reply

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter has updated ticket sales numbers for upcoming WWE events, many of which are close to selling out. This includes a live event in Toronto on December 30th with 6,714 tickets. It is 900 from the sale.

Meanwhile, next week’s Smackdown in Tampa is 400 away from being sold out. The show that sees John Cena return to a WWE ring currently has 12,089 tickets.

The 30th anniversary of RAW in Philadelphia on January 23 has 12,705 tickets, with 159 sold out.

Smackdown in Montreal on February 17 has 12,177 tickets, 800 sold out.

Finally, on February 18 Montreal’s Elimination Chamber has 12,663 tickets, 300 sold out.

A December 26 live event in Columbus, OH has 5,521 tickets. Another live event that same night at Madison Square Garden has 8,951 tickets.

A live event in Atlanta on December 27 has 6,348 tickets.

A live event in Greensboro, NC on December 28th has 5,087 tickets.

A live event in Miami on December 29 has 3,624 tickets. Another live event on the same day in Hershey, PA has 4,442 entries.

Smackdown in Memphis on January 6 has 5,700 tickets.

January 9th RAW in Birmingham has 5,560 tickets.

January 16 RAW in Cincinnati has 5,215 tickets.

Smackdown in Detroit on January 20 has 7,073 tickets.

The January 28 Royal Rumble in San Antonio has 33,374 tickets.

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