Urban youth express mixed feelings about 5G rollout | Jobs Reply

Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh): Although the youngsters are excited about the launch of 5G services in Bhopal, they are concerned about environmental protection as the rays released by the 5G spectrum are said to be harmful to birds and animals. Many youngsters have also questioned 4G speeds.

Jio launched 5G services in Madhya Pradesh from Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga and Shri Mahakaal Mahalok in Ujjain on Wednesday. Prime Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said 5G services would soon be rolled out in the state.

The youth had a mixed reaction to Free Press. Teens working in the corporate world were excited about high-speed internet, but others were concerned about its negative impact on the environment.

Many young people also said that instead of ramping up telecommunications networks such as 5G, attention should be paid to the availability of existing ones, as 4G penetration is poor in many areas.

Rajarshi Narvariya, an IIT Roorkee alumni, said: “5G is likely to benefit firms and businesses. The 5G network will give them quick access to information. But we have yet to see how people will adapt to 5G given the current physical and financial constraints.”

Keyur Jain, a digital journalist, said: “I look forward to the city’s 5G network as it will be a boon for people working from home. The world is becoming more digital and we need advanced technology not only in big cities but also in cities.”

A social media executive said that the rollout of 5G has been good, but existing network providers should improve 4G services that aren’t delivering the speeds promised. He said they should also take care of the environmental impact.

Sandeep Khanda, an environmental enthusiast, said that the rollout of 5G in our country would have a negative impact. This looks effective, but in the long run it damages the environment and living organisms through electromagnetic radiation.

He said the government gave approval for 5G without seeking the opinion of environmentalists.

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