Users report bugs in Google Calendar that generate random fake events | Jobs Reply

Many users have reported that they have been experiencing a strange error in the Google Calendar mobile app for the past few days. The app appears to be generating random, non-existent day-long events based on the content of users’ Gmail messages.

Ass 9to5Google (who broke the news earlier today) notes, various emails including shipping notifications, purchase receipts, and newsletters appear to appear as calendar events throughout the day. some the edge Employees using the Google Calendar app are experiencing this error. “It’s like finding pain in my calendar,” complained one writer (whose calendar is screenshotted below).

Google has not yet responded to a request for comment.

Screenshot of Google Calendar app in dark mode.  There will be four full-day events on December 23rd called Your Epic Games Receipt, one Your UPS Package Delivered and one UPS: Get Your Package Ready.

Make sure you’re not late for your Epic Games Receipt appointment.

If you’re experiencing this problem and want to stop it, the easiest solution for now is to go into your Google Calendar settings and turn off “Show events from Gmail”. This is also a decent thing if you generally want to keep spam invites out of your calendar.

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