Verizon extends FWA 5G reach with MVNO Visible | Jobs Reply

Jeff Moore, Director of Wave7 Research Mobile world live Verizon had extended the reach of its Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) 5G service to its all-digital Visible brand, its latest use of C-band spectrum.

Moore explained the MVNO sells the service for $45 per month in areas covered by Verizon’s C-band network, with unlimited service bundled with an existing cellular plan and available with no annual contracts or device fees.

The analyst noted that Verizon’s Straight Talk MVNO began offering a similar prepaid service in October at a price of $45 per month, with retailer Walmart selling the router for $99.

He noted that customer interest in the Straight Talk service was high, but coverage was patchy and adoption could increase as Verizon continues to deploy C-band.

Verizon bid $45.5 billion for C-band licenses in the 140MHz to 200MHz range in a 2021 auction.

Moore speculated that Verizon could add FWA 5G service to its other MVNO brands.

“I don’t have specifics on either of them, but I do know that Verizon is making a really big push with Total by Verizon, and they have a lot of scope to monetize.”

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