Vikings Holiday Host ‘Winter Wonderland’ Events & Holiday Shopping for Local Families | Jobs Reply

In addition to doing TikTok with a young woman and Blake Brandel, O’Neill joined Garrett Bradbury in playing air hockey with a few young people.

“I got to play with Jackson and Malik. They both beat me, but that’s okay – we’ll come back strong,” Bradbury said.

“Obviously being able to provide things like coats is huge, but I think the most exciting part of this is getting to spend time with them,” added Bradbury. “Having fun, playing air hockey and foosball and stuff like that, meeting these kids in the Twin Cities and us is amazing.”

Link manager Beth Holger got emotional as she watched the entire room of Vikings players and families laugh and smile together.

“The Vikings relationship is very important to us,” Holger said. “I know [Marshall and Reed] they were legends and amazing talents on the field, but what they did for the community and founding The Link was outstanding. To have a relationship with the Vikings right now is so amazing, and to have current players step up and help the youth, and everything the Vikings Foundation does for us, it’s so amazing. “

Holger stressed the importance of being aware of everyday needs, such as outerwear for winter, but also giving young people a safe place to just be kids.

“The hard thing is when you’re young — when you’re 10, 11, 12 and you’re dealing with homelessness — yes, you really need a safe place to sleep. You need food. You need gloves. You need things like winter gear and coats, absolutely. But they also need to have fun,” he said. Holger. “They’re young, they’re growing up, they haven’t had a chance to go to holiday parties or get presents, so it’s amazing to put them together. [these aspects].”

Later that night, Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins ​​joined SCHEELS in hosting the 160 people who showed up. People Working for Peoplea Minneapolis shelter serving families experiencing homelessness.

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