Vodafone is installing 5G equipment at five major UK airports | Jobs Reply

Christmas is just around the corner and as we all know airports are usually packed with travelers at this time of year. But with so many people in one place using their mobile broadband, your internet can get a little sluggish while waiting for your plane. And we all know how painful it is to wait forever for a video to load or YouTube to watch at 480p — sometimes even lower. However, those planning to travel by plane in the UK should have a different internet experience at the airport this year. As Vodafone announced in a new message blog post, it upgrades its broadband service to 5G at five UK airports. The airline reported that 5G devices have already been installed and activated at George Best Airport in Belfast and Newcastle International Airport, and such systems are yet to be installed at Birmingham, Edinburgh and Glasgow airports. As you probably know, 5G has lower latency and far greater capacity than 4G. That means you’ll be able to open files faster and should have a more stable connection, even when airports are crowded. In addition, 5G is capable of supporting many of the latest airport services such as: B. contactless check-in and digital passport control. The technology can also be used by businesses throughout the airport. For example, retailers can use 5G for real-time inventories.

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