WaveMAX has successfully implemented and demonstrated its shared WiFi6 5G network in bodegas and small shops in New York, Los Angeles and Puerto Rico | Jobs Reply

Austin, Texas, December 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — WaveMAX Corporation (“WaveMAX”), the pioneer of the world’s first shared WiFi network, has successfully implemented and demonstrated its WiFi6 5G shared network in bodegas and small shops new York, los Angeles and Puerto Rico as part of CuentasMAX, a joint venture to become a majority-owned subsidiary of Cuentas Inc. (NASDAQ: CUEN & CUENW)(‘Cuentas’) in exchange for it $250,000 in cash once approved by the Cuentas Board of Directors.

Francisco Marte, President of Bodega and Small Business Group, and a Bodega owner who has implemented WaveMAX SharedFi in its stores.

CuentasMAX LLC was formed as a joint venture between WaveMAX, Cuentas Inc., a leading FinTech provider (Top 4 Fintech) of mobile banking, digital wallet and payment solutions focused on Hispanic and Latino communities, and Execon Smart Solutions LLC, an innovative WiFi6 service provider.

WaveMax’s patented SharedFi® technology enables a shared network of WiFi access points and small cells. The end user has access to this shared network and, if they have opted in, will be influenced with location-based advertising. These ads are configured by advertisers using WaveMAX’s dashboards to manually or programmatically target the right audience, at the right time and in the right place. Advertisers can transparently optimize their advertising investments without fraud and without invading users’ privacy, analyzing aggregated data and results. The user can also pay for an ad-free subscription service or have the service included as part of their data plan with roaming agreements. Access points and small cell owners get a share of the advertising, subscription or roaming revenue.

CuentasMAX has acquired the exclusive rights to patented WaveMAX technologies to supply bodegas and small independent retail stores: Cuentas MVNO prepaid subscribers are automatically connected to any SharedFi network, resulting in significant savings on their data plans, Cuentas app Users can earn money and get payouts when they share and monetize their WiFi home spot or mobile hotspot on SharedFi, and retailers distributing Cuentas SIMs can offer WiFi6-5G in their stores and promote deals and deals when users sign up with the Connect WiFi6, as well as attract customers by advertising the SharedFi network in their city or neighborhood.

“We are extremely pleased to enter into this agreement with Cuentas Inc. and to consolidate a business model that we are poised to replicate globally,” said Edward VelascoCEO of WaveMAX.

“This is a service to help bodegas and small businesses that have low-income communities as final beneficiaries, especially in these times of high inflation and instability,” he said Francisco MartaPresident of the Bodega and Small Business Group.

“The acquisition of CuentasMax generates new interactions, engagement opportunities and great synergies with the Cuentas mobile app, Cuentas MVNO and Cuentas POS, creating a complete and unique mobile ecosystem with great opportunities, customers with savings and value for the aggregate network of 41,000 to connect Cuentas-SDI and Cuentas-OLB stores,” said Arik Maimon, CEO of Cuentas.

About WaveMax Corporation

WaveMax is a WiFi 5G sharing company that uses US-patented technology to create an ecosystem that monetizes mobile interactions between telcos, retailers, providers, apps and users. The WaveMax ecosystem is growing rapidly worldwide, creating new synergies and network effects.

WaveMax :

About Cuentas

Cuentas, Inc. (Nasdaq: CUEN & CUENW) is a FinTech e-banking and e-commerce service provider with proprietary technology aimed at providing solutions for the Hispanic and Latino population, both banked and unbanked.

cuentas: investor@cuentas.com

About Execon

Execon is a Managed WiFi and Infrastructure as a Service (IASS) provider serving more than 20,000 locations and convenience stores across the United States and Mexico

Pedro Noriega
Email: pedro.noriega@execon.mx


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