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There are so many SUVs to choose from today that choosing the perfect option is very challenging. Toyota is a trusted, reliable automaker that drivers have relied on for decades. So many people buy their new car from Toyota. When searching for an SUV or crossover in the Toyota lineup, prices are mostly affordable. However, there is a crossover that is much cheaper than other 2022 Toyota SUVs. What is the most affordable 2022 Toyota SUV? Check out the 2022 Toyota Corolla Cross.

What is the cheapest Toyota SUV?

Blue 2023 Toyota Corolla Cross, Crossover is the most affordable 2022 Toyota SUV on city streets.
2023 Toyota Corolla Cross | the toyota

After entering the Crossovers & SUVs section of Toyota’s website, you will get a clear answer which is the cheapest Toyota SUV. The 2022 Corolla Cross is a crossover that is smaller than other models in the lineup. Priced below the popular RAV4 and tiny CH-R, it’s about $2,000 less than the latter. The Corolla Cross is more affordable than other members of the Toyota SUV lineup. According to the automaker, the Corolla Cross has a starting price of just $22,445.

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